Saturday, 31 December 2011

LaDeDa it's New Year

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all had fabulous New Years eves. I spent mine covered in mud.

I went to a festival in Martinborough which is about an hour away from Wellington. I went with an American girl, Catherine, and her brother and boyfriend. We had an amazing night even if we did end up covered in mud.
A little bit muddy
Arriving in style at the festival
A good look, I think you will all agree.
 It is funny watching people at festivals, we are paying for the privilege to be herded round like cattle walk around in mud and spend a ridiculous amount of money on expensive drinks. I met some amazing people last night; chatting to random's is always funny. I few of highlights were: watching a man dance in a field of mud wearing a wet suit, seeing how many people would fall in the mood (I'm evil I know) and just generally watch happy(drunk) people dance like crazy in what can only be described as a giant mud bath. 
Catherine and I, not looking too muddy at this point.
Dancing in the mud wooooo.
Catherine and I with one of the random people we started chatting to.
I dropped my camera in the mud, woops the lens cap no longer opens fully.
Not quite as glamorous as Kate Moss, haha, but not too bad for 2am covered in mud
A creative way to wash the mud off, in a feeding trough.

Walking back through Wellington this morning at 11am in a pair of shorts muddy jacket and muddy gum boots (welly boots) certainly got me some funny looks.

I wish everyone a fabulous 2012 and hope all your dreams come true this year.Wow I'm getting soppy in my old age :)

Thanks for reading the last three months, come back in 2012 to see how i'm getting on.

Katie x.x

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