Friday, 30 December 2011

Rain, Rain, Go away!

As you can tell from my title we are not having the most amazing weather here in New Zealand. Since the 27th we have had bad weather and today we have had none stop rain.
The rain has put a bit of a dampener on things as I have two weeks off work and had planed to go away and spend a relaxing two weeks at the beach whilst the hotel I work at is closed to functions. I decided not to go to the south Island as planned as who wants to spend time at the beach in the rain. And I am sure you are all getting as fed up of seeing my green raincoat on photos as I am.

Today's rain day was not too bad, I had a lazy morning reading a book. Followed by a trip to the TEPAPA museum in Wellington, a perfect place on a rainy day. I managed to catch up on drawing and also made some bread. Something I like to do every now and again. I find it relaxing, calming, it puts me at ease. Wherever I am in the world I can make a loaf of bread cover it in hot butter and feel happy :-)
Is this going to be me??
Now I have a slight problem with the rain for tomorrow night as tomorrow is New years and I am supposed to be going to a New Years Eve festival in a field in Martinborough which is about an hour away from Wellington. This will be great if the weather miraculously improves, if not eeeek HELP!!!!

This got me thinking what do you wear to New Years eve in the rain hmmmm.

.........or maybe I will look like this, :)

 Keep your fingers crossed for me that I won't look like a drowned rat.

Thanks for reading,

Katie, x.x.

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