Sunday, 4 December 2011


Yesterday I felt my first earthquake. Not a huge one, but it was a weird feeling. I was sat on the toilet at the time, hehe. Not the best place to be caught when there is an earthquake but you can't really plan these things. The earthquake was 5.7 in magnitude I have been told this is not very big, it did not seem to bother the people I was serving at the wedding. My house mate told me after wards that glasses fell off tables and shelves at the bar he was at.
New Zealanders are taught from a very early age what to do in an earthquake, but for people like me from the UK and other non earth quake country’s its a little bit daunting. Fingers crossed Wellington/ New Zealand have no more, it's horrible to see what has happened to Christchurch. I have a horrible feeling that one will happen when I am walking through Mount Victoria tunnel and it will cave in on me. Sometimes I think my imagination is a little bit over active.

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