A drawing a day

7th November 2011
Whilst I am away from life in the UK I thought it was the perfect chance to focus on my own art. One of the ways I have decided to do this is by creating  A drawing a day.  A drawing a day will see me post my favourite or only drawing from that day. 

Keep looking from time to time to see what its created.

Katie. x.x. 

November 2011
8th November 2011
6th November 2011
7th November 2011

20th November- Albert Town Otago
24th November
21st Nov - Omaru
29th Nov- Christmas Card

 December 2011
15th Dec - Wellington architecture
14th Dec -Wellington architecture

2nd  January 2011
Hey Everybody, As you can tell I am not being great at uploading a drawing a day. I apologise,(I'm rubbish I know)

I shall still upload my drawings. Just not everyday.

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