Thursday, 5 April 2012

Day two- 5th April - What I wore today.

Can't break the law got to wear the helmet.
Oh how I would have loved to have looked glamorous and worn something fabulous today. But that just did not happen. haha.

Today was a day of hanging out with friends and work. So I went casual with my favourite cardigan and scarf. Followed by work with simple black shirt and trousers (no penguin suit today, phew. I hate that uniform)
Favourite scarf.#

Taking photo's today was funny.  I asked people to help in today's challenge by taking my photograph. Which I think people found odd. I also attempted to take photo's in the mirror not with the greatest success, hehe. 
I'm looking forward to tomorrow's task of clouds. A great excuse to go on a walk :)

Katie x.x

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