Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas in New Zealand

Merry Christmas everybody, I hope you have all enjoyed the festive season.

I mentioned on my last post that a New Zealand Christmas is different to those back home. This year has been very odd for me I have not decorated a tree, I have not done any baking I only truly got into the Christmas mood on Christmas eve and that was because I kept up a tradition from back home of wrapping up presents and watching Christmas movies. I did this at work getting the tables ready for Christmas Lunch :)

A perfect summers Christmas Day.
Christmas Day Blue Sky
 I woke up on Christmas day with the sun blazing and the start of a 25 degree day, it was stunning. I popped my headphones in and headed into work listening to Christmas music along the way. Yup thats right I ended up working Christmas day this year, serving lunch to a 100 people. I have worked Christmas Day before in the UK back when I was at University so I did not mind too much. Plus I had no presents to open on Xmas morning so working helped me not dwell on this too much. Work went very quickly with everyone in festive spirits. I met some lovely people when serving who made the day extra special. The key highlight was an English family of mum and dad and two little girls who were truly such a happy family they could not help but put me in a happy festive mood. I had arranged a secret Santa of sorts with the staff during the week so once all the guests left we had a quick sit down over a glass of wine and opened our gifts which everyone did pretty well out of.
Christmas Day at the Wellesley

Cousin Gina with her husband Dave and daughters Emma and Laurel
After finishing work I went to join my cousin Gina and her family who had kindly invited me over for Christmas dinner. I had a great time at there house being able to relax and enjoy some delicious food and good company. Whilst at Gina's house I Skyped home which I found hard work. The internet connection was slow and there was too much noise, I think this upset my mum but hopefully she understood that it is hard to skype when it is like that. I also upset my mum a little because I had sent everyone a hamper for Christmas with thought out gifts inside but nothing had been sent to me, I did not expect anything but because I had sent them something I think it upset my mum.

Boxing day I spent at the beach enjoying yet more stunning weather followed by yummy home-made chicken burgers. A fun day.

So my conclusion after my first Christmas away from home. I prefer Christmas in England. My Christmas was lovely but not really Christmas for me. The fact that I worked so much before Christmas and on Christmas day perhaps did not see me enjoy a southern hemisphere Christmas as much as I might otherwise. I am now ready for summer and excited to enjoy this part of the year in New Zealand.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Thanks for reading,
Katie, x.x.

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  1. Hi Katie! I know what you mean about preferring a European Christmas, its a bit hard to get into the right spirit in the middle of summer! After all, Christmas is a lot about traditions - baking gingerbread cookies, drinking mulled wine, decorating the tree and enjoying all the pretty Christmas lights isnt quite the same when its not dark and cold! But like you I really enjoy the summer, sun and beaches at the moment, so I didnt mind too much either! (A late) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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