Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Craft of the Day - Hawaii Flower Necklace

Hey there,
Session one, 2013 has well and truly started here at Camp Huckins. We have been busy, busy  designing amazing arts and crafts activities for the campers at camp Huckins to enjoy over the summer. Over then next two months I shall fill you in on what we are up to in the Craft Shop and give you step by step instructions on our favourite craft of the day.

Hawaii Flower Necklace
Camp Huckins Craft of the Day - Hawaii Flower Necklace

***You could also use this idea to make Garlands which a number of our campers did today to decorate their bunks with whilst at camp***

 You will need:

·         Coloured construction paper
·         Tissue paper
·         Scissors
·         String or elastic
·         Beads
·         Water colours and paint brushes
·         Thumb tack

Step one

Choose three or four colours that work well together for your necklace.  

Step two

Fold your paper into small pieces so you have a number of layers together. (This will save you time when drawing and cutting out flowers, allowing you to cut out a number at once)

Step three -

Draw different shapes of flowers on your construction and tissue paper.

Step Four -

Cut out the flower shapes.

Step five

Add water colour paint to any flowers you wish.

Step six
Using a thumb tack create a hole in the middle of your flower.

Step Seven

Tie a knot in the end of your string or elastic and begin threading your flowers onto the string/ elastic alternating the type and colour of flower and adding beads in every now and again for a bit of glitz and glam. 

Step Eight

Tie the two ends together and hey presto one bright fun Hawaii necklace J