Friday, 16 December 2011

Christmas Cards

My Christmas card design
I have been busy finishing writing my Christmas Cards this afternoon. A little bit past the deadline for them being in England on time. (sorry anyone who gets a late one).

I sent some home-made ones over a week ago but had not had the time to make any more. So today I had to buy some cards. Sorry anyone that gets a store bought card.

In each card I also put a photo-montage of me over the last couple of months. It seems a very American thing to do, but I thought my family might appreciate seeing what I have been up to.

Christmas in New Zealand is bizarre, I think I am used to Christmas brightening up the long winter months.  The festive lights make the early dark nights and cold a little magical. Here it does not get dark till 9/10 so the lights don’t have the same effect.  Christmas trees seem odd in the middle of summer. Seeing pastel colours and summer clothes in shops contradicts the snowy scenes in shop windows.

It is my mission this Saturday to show you all  a summer Christmas, keep posted for the update.

Thankyou for reading,

Katie .x.x

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  1. Your christmas card looks wicked miss! I can't imagine a warm christmas, well jel! - it snowed this morning! SNOW! can you believe it! It's gone now mind but it settled for a few a hours!