Monday, 19 December 2011

It's Christmas......... honestly!

Courtney Place, Wellington. No traces of Christmas.

A store window, with a cute and fun Christmas display.

Christmas here has not had the normal build up that I am used to in England. The streets and shops don't have the same feel to them as back at home. I went out on a walk today on a mission to find Christmas and I found it very hard to find any traces of it at all. The fact that it is summer does not help this. As who wants fake snow and fir trees in their houses in the middle of summer.

When out on my walk it actually shocked me the lack of signs of christmas there was.  One of the main streets, Courtney Place, there was nothing no lights, no trees, no tinsel.  I actually only found one street that showed any signs of Christmas, Lambton Quay.  It had Wellington's Christmas tree and a department store had made an amaxing effort with their windows.  They had created santas work shop with sheep making the toys, cute.

Perhaps they get it right in New Zealand and focus on the important parts of Christmas. Spending it with people important to you, your family and friends. Its not about all the trimmings, I have thought in previous years that people seem to get caught up in buying people gifts they do not really need; getting into debt in the process.
Wellington's Christmas tree 7.45 pm notice the beautiful blue sky in the background.

Work colleagues at our Xmas party.
It will be interesting to see how the rest of the week turns out. I wonder if they get more excited in the week before Christmas. I shall be working Christmas day which surprisingly I am not too bothered about. The people I work with are lovely and have started to become friends so it will be nice to be with them for a small part of the day. Yesterday was the staff Christmas Party at our managers house, here are a few photos of the people I work with.

 Thanks for reading, hope your all getting in the festive mood for christmas.

Katie, x.x.

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