Thursday, 24 May 2012

Day four - Lake Tekapo to Dunedin

The drive was definitely worth it. This mornings view was absolutely stunning! I think you will all agree.
Today we had a lot to fit in we had to get from Lake Tekapo to Dunedin. With me wanting to make a number of stops on the way. Poor Vanessa I bet she is thinking why the hell am I on a trip with this bossy woman :) Today was the only day of the trip with me trying to cram so much in though, so I don't feel too bad.
We began our day by hiking up Mt John, which is next to Lake Tekapo. Exercise I was defiantly craving after two days of driving. The hike took us up through a wooded track and opened out onto stunning views of the Aoraki valley. It was a surprise to see the surrounding countryside as I had no clue what the landscape was going to be after last nights drive in the dark. We had perfect weather yet again and we were able to see for miles. At the top of Mt John was an observatory which would be an amazing place to visit at night due to the lack of anything around. A definite must for when I am next in the area.


©Vanessa Law
Stunning colours
Back on the road again we made our way back to route one, passing stunning scenery and views along the way. I could not get over the colour of the lakes we passed, a deep turquoise like nothing I had seen before. Unfortunately my camera does not do these lakes justice.
Back on Route one I had two pit stops I wanted to make before we got to Dunedin. The first being the town of Oamaru. I have already been here before when I did a road trip with my cousin Gretchen back in November last year. We went to see the penguins that time. This time I wanted to see the town itself. A old historic town built in the 1860's and 70's that has hardly been touched and ruined by modern buildings and shops. The town is one of the only I have seen like it in New Zealand. They seem to be going out of their way to not spoil what they have. Which considering the problem they have with earth quakes in this area is even more special.

After the first stop in Omaaru we were up against it to make it to my next pit stop before the sunset; the Wakitti Boulders. This has been on my wish list since arriving in the country and I honestly think I would have turned into a toddler and had a huge tantrum if we had not made it. But it you will all be pleased to hear I did, oh my goodness I was sooooooo happy and I was not disappointed. It was as amazing as I thought it was going to be.

My friend Julia from back home will understand me here but it honestly looked like aliens had come along and left their space ship behind. How incredible would it have been for one of the boulders to crack open and out pop an alien. Alas this was not to be, the boulders were still pretty incredible with out this anyway. Truly one of natures natural wonders.

After leaving the boulders behind we hit the road again for the last time today heading for Dunedin and my cousin Gretchen who has very kindly put Vanessa and I up for the night.

Hope you enjoyed reading and looking at my photo's of today.

Thanks for stopping by,

Katie. .x.x

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