Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Moving house is fairly easy when you only have two bags.

I moved in to my new house on Friday 28th October and learnt a major life lesson, moving house is so easy with just two bags.  :) I suppose it helps that the guy who I have taken over the room from left behind furniture. But I really have learnt a lesson I do not need a lot of stuff. When I left my last house in the UK it took three car loads to get me back to my parents and I had only been renting a room for 9 months. Hopefully being in New Zealand will help me not be such a hoarder.

No more Mr Trebus from the life of grime, hello Miss  Minimalist.

 Hmmm I wonder how long this is going to last.  

As I mentioned in previous posts I have decided to make Wellington my base for a few months, and find a temporary job to see me through till February when schools re-open. I decided to get out of hostels as I was not having the most amazing nights sleep. Was drinking far too much, as every-night I was meeting new people and I was eating rubbish food.

After about seven house viewings I found a house that I was able to move into straight away, had five other house mates (which I figured would help me to get to know people) and was clean.  My new house is in an area called Hataitai. It is about a five minute walk to Hataitai beach and a twenty minute walk to Wellington City Centre it has a few little shops, bars, cafés and plenty of take away places. 

William Street

My house is very deceptive from the front it looks pretty small but it's like the tardis once you get inside.

Flowers/ weeds from my garden.
I think I have managed to make my room cosy and comfortable for the next three months. As I said before the person who I have taken the room over from very kindly left a desk, draws and a clothes rail. Which is great as I don’t want to spend money on things I have already at home. He sold his bed to one of the house-mates who moved in three weeks ago, however he did leave behind a fairly comfy air bed; which I might just use for the next three months. You never know how comfy a bed is going to be anyway. The first bed I ever bought had springs digging up into me after a month and was the worst nights sleep I ever had. So my air bed will do for now, fingers crossed it does not get a puncture.  

My new house-mates seem lovely it takes awhile in situations like these to find you place in an already existing house. But by the end of my first week here I feel like I am fitting in. The guys are all sports mad they will watch anything on the TV. Now I love sport; running, cycling, swimming but watching it argh I go insane. I got into rugby whilst the world cup was on but I don’t know if they are going to get me anything else whilst I am here, that can be a challenge for them.

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