Thursday, 3 November 2011

Finding work in New Zealand

My plan for my time in New Zealand is to hopefully be a teacher or work in the field of education, so that my time away from the UK is still developing and enhancing my skills for when/ if I go back. The school year in New Zealand begins at the end January; the end of the summer break here. My hope is that by being in New Zealand I will stand more of a chance of finding work and being able to attend interviews. 
Upon arrival in New Zealand I had it in my mind I would travel around and apply for jobs at the same time. This plan was all well and good but applying for jobs in Hostels and being on the move did not lend it self very well to applying for jobs, for me anyway. I am a person who likes to have a space to spread myself out, I like to be able to walk away from my stuff and not worry about it disappearing. In hostels and even in the library I was finding I was not being productive. An application form for teaching is so time consuming, as are many job application forms. Focusing each covering letter to each individual school is a takes time. This was one of my reasons for deciding to find a place to live in Wellington, so I have my own space in which I will be productive and use my time better.

So here I am in a house which is great. But I am not travelling around and I'm using my money to now live in one place. So I have decided as well as applying for teaching jobs I would like to find a job over the Christmas/ Summer period to get some extra cash and meet people. I am happy to do anything during this time. from office work to being a waitress. My dream job would be in a summer kids club or something like that.

I'm Confused. 
I have now been on the job search for a temporary job for about three days.  The problem has been I am one of the most impatient people when it comes to work, be it my art or looking for a job. If I am working on a project I expect it finished as soon as I start it even though there might be hundreds of hours still to go. If I am applying for a job I expect a reply straight away, and get upset and frustrated when I get a rejection letter. I don’t think this was helped by the fact that all of my jobs before and during university I received on my first application in my search for a job. I was spoilt. Even when moving into teaching I always fell on my feet and was the first person on my PGCE to attend an interview with my first application form.
Not enough experience! Too much experince! 
I'm starting to go crazy....

I know that three days is not very long and I need to give it time, but I am fed up with hearing 'You don't have the correct experience' the one that made me laugh twice today was ' You are over qualified' what the hell does that mean?? 

I keep hearing stories as well on my travels that its hard to get any work. I have met people who have  been looking for three months. eeeek, fingers crossed this is not me. My plan for tomorrow is to go out and hand my CV's into bars and restaurants and hopefully seeing my neat appearance and smiley face they will give me a job, hehe :)  ( I promise I will brush my hair for tomorrow).

Wish me luck.

Katie. x.x.

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  1. I totally love this place and have to visit again this coming December for holiday season with my family.

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