Sunday, 30 October 2011

A little too much sun yesterday woops,

Before the sun burn, wooops.
It really looks like this blog is turning into my run down of the weather. Three days ago I got soaked at the Kapiti Coast and yesterday I got sunburnt, perhaps even a little sun stroke thrown in as well. Woops.

Yesterday I decided to explore my local area and walk up Mount Victoria, which is a hill it really is not a mountain!  Mount Victoria divides Hataitai the new area I live in and the main city. It was a gorgeous day so the perfect opportunity do one of the 'top ten things to do in Wellington'. I also arranged to meet a fellow traveller at the top Mount Victoria whom I met in Hamilton a couple of weeks ago. So was a perfect afternoon of catching up and seeing the city.

What is Mount Wellington?...... A little bit of history for you.
(Sorry everyone I love history and finding out why things are the way they are so I am going to bore you all for a minute)
 Wellington Central is divided by a number of green hills these areas are called Town Belts/ Parks. Mount Victoria is one of these areas. When Wellington was first being established in 1840 the planners where adamant the city would have ample public parks. In England in 1840 the idea of a Town Belt was a novelty. Parklands in Britain at that time were privately owned by the wealthy. As overcrowding and health problems rose in many industrial English cities, people called for more open spaces. They called these new spaces the 'lungs' of a city. Town Belts were for public enjoyment and not to be built on. This is still deemed to be true today. They seem to have a number of houses and buildings on them, but they are not as built up as other areas and provide a great escape from the city. So thankyou town planners of 1840 I had a great afternoon exploring one of your parks, seeing spectacular views and topping up my tan :-)

Looking out to open sea.
Looking down on Wellington Central
Wellington Central,
Looking down onto Hataitai, the large strip in the background is Wellington Airport.

Caught on camera having a little nap before the walk backdown.
Before heading out I read about Mount Victoria and many people seemed to complain about how hard and long it was to walk. As I have mentioned in previous posts I have been doing a lot of walking whilst here and I did not find this over exerting at all, finding it a comfortable walk. So if your in Wellington reading this; go climb mount Victoria it is a lovely couple of hours out of busy city life and a great way to see the city from above. If your reading this from back home and ever come to Wellington a definite must do. Just remember to wear sun cream and keep topping it up and drink lots of water. Wow with hindsight we can all be great teachers :p 

Till next time. 

Katie. x.

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