Thursday, 10 November 2011

Finding work in New Zealand continued....................

Last week I was feeling a little bit frustrated after receiving no positive news on the job front, I left you all on here heading off to hand out my CV's to a number of places in Wellington.

Well this paid off :) woooo!!!

On the Friday I received a phone call from a manager at a hotel in the centre of Wellington. He said he loved my CV and would like me to pop in for a chat and I did just that. I went in on Saturday afternoon and he said I was just what they where looking for. They needed someone to work banqueting which I have years of experience of and he needed someone to help train his staff. He said its only part time but hey its work.

I was asked to pop in for a shift on the Tuesday to see if I like them and they liked me. Feeling all happy and relaxed and nolonger worried about work I received two more phone calls from other hotels asking me to drop in for an interview this Friday. I really do think I need to learn the art of patience.

My trial shift went really well. The staff were all really friendly and the work is very simular to what I have doen back home. It was very weird to be working as a waitress again after three years working in education. I forgot how standing on your feet for eight hours can begin to ache. When we finished at 1am a few of the chefs and waiting staff were going out for drinks so I tagged along, its great to start to get to know people. 

When I mentioned the interviews for the other hotels to the manager he asked why was I going to be doing that when he had plenty of work for me at his own hotel. Handing me six weeks worth of rota's, with I have to say a lot of work.

So now I have a dilemma. Do I go to the other interviews? I think so personally, just to see what the other jobs are like.

We will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings. It's going to be interesting.

Thanks for reading.
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Note to other travellers/ ex-pats:  
Remember to have patience when looking for work, unlike me.  I began looking for work on 31st Oct and had a job by 8th November. Don't get disheartened there is work out there, apply for everything. Don’t take it to heart when they don't offer you the job.(Again unlike me) Even if the work you get is not your ideal job it's work. And you can keep applying for other work all the time . Good luck.


  1. Brilliant write up, the tension was building; then we got to know you have a job, just like buses there could be more than one arriving at the same time!

  2. I absolutely love your blog Katie! Please keep writing. I'm a Canadian teacher, taught in the UK for three years, and I'm moving to NZ in January, so you're definitely inspiring and informative!