Monday, 14 November 2011

Being far away.

Being so far away from home is a little bit daunting at times, but that is far out weighed by the all the new experiences, people, adventures I am having. I have had the odd moment when I think why am I here but that does not normally last very long (5 mins max).Then I get distracted by something or other and think wow I’m on the other side of the world how amazing is this. 

I am not really one to get homesick. I am very lucky in where ever I make my base I feel at home instantly, be it a hostel for a day or two, or my own house. I have not missed anything from back home yet. However I have made a concious effort to stay in touch with people back home. Technology has made it so much easier to do this. I quick Skype call, facebook or post on here and I feel like I am still in touch with everyone back home. I am aware that as much  I’m off having this amazing adventure I am doing it alone. My parents need to hear from me once in awhile to know all is OK. :) make sure I’m alive. Which I don't always do very well case in point this last weekend.

People keep asking would I stay out here for good.  I have only been away from home for 6 weeks at the moment so who knows what will happen. My response now would be no. My current plan is to be here for two years. As I said I dont really get homesick, however I think I would miss my family too much to stay out here permanently. Mainly my niece and nephew (sorry everyone else :p) I think I would find it very hard to only see them once every few years, and that makes me think what would happen if I had kids. My family would hardly know them, as much as technology is amazing I just don’t think Skype and a visit once every few years would cut it. As I said though I have only been here six weeks we will have to wait and see what the future holds.
Note to other travellers/ ex-pats: Technology makes life easier don’t be arrived to move to New Zealand and give it a try. Get your friends and family on skype before you go. Take down there email addresses.
If your travelling alone - You will have the odd moment when you are by yourself and feeling a little lost but don’t give up early on persevere and you will be so glad you did. Remember to stay in contact with home, they need to know your safe.

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