Monday, 28 May 2012

Day Seven - Te Anau, Queenstown, Bungee jumping and Wanaka

Me in Queenstown :)
Wow what a day yesterday was! A day of doing good deeds, chasing good weather and jumping off a bridge. Yup that is right everyone I did a bungee jump, but more of that later.

I woke up this morning to horrific weather, all I wanted to do was roll over and fall back asleep. I could not do this unfortunately as Vanessa and I had arranged last night to set of early today and be on the road by 8am. This did not happen either as the weather gave me no incentive what so ever to get moving fast. I procrastinated on the internet looking for a place to stay tonight and trying to figure out a plan of some sought for the rest of the week. I also faffed around re-packing my backpack after some how getting lot's of things out over the last two days. After my slow start we finally made it back on the road by 8.55 sorry Vanessa, woops.

Today's adventure began with us heading to Queenstown. The weather weather was awful and was worrying me slightly as I had it in my head that today would be the day I did my bungee. I also thought Queenstown was stunning last time I was there and wanted Vanessa to see it in all it's glory has she had never been.

As we were driving along in the pouring rain we saw two very wet and sorry looking backpackers hitch hiking. Vanessa and I quickly looked at one an other and decided to take pity on them. It turned out they had been waiting for over two hours that morning and four the night before. As I was chatting to them I found it amazing all the things they had seen and got up to. But it also made me think how are they helping the economy over here? They hitch hike their way around so not helping bus companies, car hire etc, they coach surf so don't help the hostels, camp sites. I think it is a nice idea, as they are helping the climate but perhaps a bit of both, couch surfing/ hitch hiking and also paying for things, helping out the tourist economy here would be better.
Out pops the sun. Making Queenstown look glorious.
After dropping off our two hitch-hikers the good weather seemed to come and shine on us. Karma repaying us for our good deed of the day? We pottered around Queenstown enjoying a cup of hot chocolate at a lovely little café looking over the waterfront. We then had a wander around Queenstown taking some stunning photos and mooching around the shops. I managed to pick up some New Zealand wool and a pattern to knit a hat (something I have been meaning to do for a while). I also found a shop selling chocolate jazzies or some of you might know them as chocolate speckles. Oh my goodness I was so excited; they have been one of the only things I have missed whilst being away.

Vanessa in Queenstown

I also found time to go climb a tree, I don't know what has happened to me since being in New Zealand but any tree or rope swing I see I want to go climb, haha. When climbing the tree today I panicked and froze thinking I was going to slip at only two metres abouve ground.  eeek not a good sign for what I was about to do next. 

As the sun was out we decided not to stay in Queenstown and make our way over to Wanaka. Making a quick stop at the home of the worlds first bungee jump, Kawarau Bridge. What a better place than for me to do my first jump, and Wow what an amazing experience! I thought I was going to be really nervous and not do it but I was fine at this point. When we arrived all the bungee crew where on their hour lunch break so we had to wait 15 minutes for the next jump .

When the crew went out onto the bridge no one seemed to move. I was still not nervous (weird I know) so thought well I might as well get it over with. So I calmly walked up handed over my ticket and got harnessed up. I moved out onto the ledge and got strapped up, still no nerves. Moved to the edge of the platform and looked over the edge ' f***' was all I said 'why what have you forgotten' said the bungee man '5,4,3,2,1' and off I went. Wow!! who would have thought it, Katie Briggs jumping off a bridge incredible :D 

Time to get down.
Back on safe ground..... well kind of.
After a calming cup of tea to help get the adrenaline down we hit the road again heading to Wanaka. A slightly smaller and more chilled out version of Queenstown. If your into hiking, and not so much into loud groups drinking Wanaka is the better option to stay at. When we arrived Vanessa still had an essay to finish so I headed out to catch the last of the evening light and do some drawing at the lake. Later on to celebrate Vanessa completing her essay and me doing the bungee we popped into Wanaka for a quick drink. A nice calming evening to end one very jam packed, adrenaline rushed day.

Lake Wanaka
It's hard to see fully but out drawing at dusk.

Katie. x.x.

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