Friday, 25 May 2012

Day five - Dunedin to Te Anau

Greetings from Te Anau
Today was a less jam packed day with our main aim to get to Te Anau ready for Milford sound tomorrow, number two on things I must do whilst on my trip in the South. We had a slightly leisurely start as Vanessa had an essay to finish for her masters. We hit the road making a tea stop at Gretchen's sister in laws Margaret. It was lovely to see her again and have a very quick catchup. It suddenly brought home how much I have done in the last six months since I last saw Gretchen and Margaret.

I have to say today's drive was not the most spectacular of scenery with not much to stop and look at on the way between Dunedin and Te anau. However as we slowly crept into Fiordland  I began to get a sense of what is to come tomorrow, with sharp peaks and lakes beginning to appear.

Lake Te Anau
Another stunning sunset, leaving behind gorgeous colours.

Tonight we are enjoying a relaxed evening in the lake front Hostel at Te anau with a walk in a short while, I had best rap up warm as Autumn is truly turning into winter now and a chill is coming.

See you all tomorrow with stunning photos of Milford sound.
 Katie. .x.x

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