Sunday, 3 June 2012

Island life is the the place for me!

Hey everyone.
My South Island road trip has now ended and I am now on my last week in New Zealand :(  (for this trip anyway). I am currently staying on an Island close to Auckland called Waiheke. I arrived on Thursday afternoon in Auckland as I had my embassy appointment for my USA visa Friday morning , which all went swimmingly (although for some reason I did get very worked up about it thinking the US would not let me in). On Saturday I decided to leave Auckland , as I am not the biggest fan of huge cities and head somewhere new. A friend of mine had recommended Waiheke Island, which is a 40 min ferry trip away so I figured what have I got to loose. I walked down to the waterfront with my 21kg pack (which it turns out is very uncomfortable to carry, eeeek) and hopped on the next ferry.

I arrived in Waiheke Island with stunning sunshine, after a quick bus ride to my accommodation (the best hostel I have been to yet. ) I headed out to see the sights. My main plan for my time on Waiheke to rest, take things slow and just enjoy. As one of my quirky quotes says- 'good and quickly seldom meet' This was certainly achieved on my first afternoon here. I walked, slept on the beach, painted and enjoyed yummy home cooked food and company all at a nice relaxed slow down pace; heaven! 
Waiheke Island Life, the perfect place to relax and chill out.
Enjoying stunning views
My second day has pretty much been the same. With me walking around the island and truly taking advantage of a little down time and letting my body recover from a few months of busy time. Waiheke and it's relaxed Island life certainly lends itself to this. I walked to palm beach and then over to rocky cove. Stopping by a shop along the way where I bought these three lovely ceramic hearts. 
Two weeks of travelling and the curly hair is back!
After an hour of drawing at Rocky Cove the weather started to turn and I decided to head to the main hub of Waiheke, Oneroa and find a cup of tea. This alas was not found as instead I was side tracked by the smell of fish and chips (I am English after all). 
A small walk back to my hostel and I was greeted by my hostel hosting a BBQ with amazing food and sangria, a perfect end to a fun day of Island life.

Katie. x.x.

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