Monday, 23 January 2012

Epic Run.

Today I went on a very impressive run/ walk. If I do say so my self. :) I am not at an ability yet to keep the pace and run the full amount yet. It is my aim by the end of Febuary to be able to do so.

I decided to head up Mount Victoria, then down to Oriental Bay and around the harbour to Miramar. I stopped every now and again to take photos, or do some drawing. 

I think the photos begin to show why I have fallen in love with Wellington. Particually on such a gorgeous sunny day. 

Wellington from Mount Victoria

I love the wooden houses around Wellington.

Time for a quick pit stop and sketch.

Oriental Bay

And the outfit I am wearing now. I quite like the combination so thought I would show you a picture.

Hope you enjoyed coming on my run with me.

Till next time.

Katie, x.x.

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