Sunday, 5 February 2012

Wellington Sevens 2012

Wellington was taken over this weekend with an event called the Sevens. It is a two day Rugby tournament whih preaty much took over the whole city.

You have probably heard of the game Rugby sevens before, the sevens tournament travels to nine cities around the world and is played over two days. New Zealand as you all know is crazy for anything Rugby, mix that with drinking and a party and they are happy people. When the tickets went on sale they sold out within 30 minutes, crazy!! Now unfortunately I am saving at the moment to do a bit more travelling so did not really have the money to spare and take the time off from work. But that's OK as the party continues out of the stadium. With Wellington's streets going crazy.

This is because another part of the Sevens in Wellington is dressing up and partying. The whole of Wellington becomes one huge fancy dress parade. 

I loved this photo when seeing it online so stole it, check out more at

A few friends and I decided to go out on the Friday night as 'Where's Wally's'. 

The streets where crazy with lots of happy people out and about. 

Where's katie?????

Dancing in the streets
 I was so impressed with all of the costumes.If I am here next year I need to put alot more thought into my costume. Although out of all the Where's Wallys I saw I think we looked the best hehe.  

On the Saturday I was back at work. Feeling slightly worse for wear woops. With no plans what so ever on going out again, haha, when leaving work however me and another girl from work got caught up in the amazing atmosphere and had another amazing Wellington night out.

Not in costume this time but still having an amazing time. 

Today I am having the perfect duvet day, recovering :s

Thank you Wellington for a fun weekend, :)

Katie .x.x.x

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