Monday, 16 January 2012

A little cold, chance to stay in and rest.

Today I feel yuck, I have picked up a cold from somewhere. I have threfore been taking advantage of no one being in the house and being a slob watching rubbish day time TV. This is all well and good but after awhile I have got a little bored, so have been catching up on some drawing and also stared playing around with the web cam on here, haha. 


I love messing around on the web cam, because I am absolutely useless at taking my photograph on it and end up laughing at myself.  I always think this is a good trait personally being able to laugh at your self, it makes life far more interesting. :)

Not quite sure what I am doing in any of the photos, haha.
 Hoped you liked my WebCam fun

Katie x.x.

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