Sunday, 10 June 2012

Cabin fever

Hey everyone, currently on my 8th hour of a 15hr flight. This is the longest flight I have ever done, and I think I am starting to get cabin fever. Eeeek. When you get excited to hear Jackson five and Madonna and don’t care that people see you dancing in your seat I think it is safe to I am slowly going insane.
I'm on my way to New York having broken up the rest of the journey slightly over the last couple of days. I began in Auckland on Wednesday flying to Melbourne. This flight was not too bad only 6hrs. Then on Saturday I flew from Melbourne to Shanghai (11hrs) having a 15 hour lay over in Shanghai. Which was slightly surreal. I was staying at a hotel at the airport but was not in the least bit tired so ventured into the city to look for food. Definitely an experience in it self.

And then today I began the last part of my journey flying from Shanghai to New York, and that's currently where you find me writing this. I have managed to sleep for about 2hours of my time so far but now wide awake. I have watched a movie on my laptop, tried to read a book and been beaten by my phone at solitaire a lot. Only another 7 hours of boredom to go. :) For the last two hours I have been flitting between two thoughts/ The first being food; Pringle’s, French fries, four cheese pizza and bagels loaded with cream cheese. Oh my goodness, heaven. Its a good job its all American food that I'm craving as I will certainly be on the hunt this evening for all of the above. My second thought is I am claustrophobic what the hell am I doing in this plane for 15hrs this is hell. ARGH. (it's a shame sailing is so expensive and takes so long that would be so much better than this)

On the bright side though we seem to be chasing sunsets and sun rises around the world at the moment so the view outside my window is pretty incredible. 

Well I guess it's back to the flight I go. If I ever mention to anyone in the future that I am planning on embarking on a 15hr flight, please, please stop me from booking. Or at least make sure I go with an airline that provides entertainment at my seat and has Pringle's on board. Awkward

See you all in New York.

Katie. x.x

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