Sunday, 1 April 2012

Feijoa fruit????

Yesterday I was at my managers house when the topic of Feijoa fruit came up. I asked what this was and everyone seemed shocked and made it their priority to teach me. 

So if your like me and have never heard of this fruit here is what it is. Feijoas are spherical or oval, with green skin which may be smooth or rough. When ripe, their interior is a sweet aromatic pulp.

What did it taste of, well I thought cold slimey custard. Did I like it? ummm not really.
Really you want me to eat this??
Not quite sure of the taste.
Me : 'It tastes a bit like custard' Everyone else: 'What are you eating?'

So go on out and buy a Feijoa fruit and see if you think it tastes like cold, wet custard :)

Thanks for reading,

Katie x.x

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  1. that sounds awful! i wonder if they have it over here i'll have to hunt for it!


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