Monday, 23 April 2012

Day Sixteen - 23rd April - Long Exposure

Today's challenge of LONG EXPOSURE was different from my normal style of photography (but that is why I am loving the 30 day challenge, it is challenging me to think outside of the box and do something new). 
I headed out to capture 'Wellington by night' at eleven o'clock tonight. Surprisingly for Wellington I had the perfect weather for today’s challenge; no wind or rain.  I cycled along Wellington's water looking for the perfect shot with lots of colour,  hardly meeting a sole. I love this time of night in any city, so peaceful and calm.

I have never created LONG EXPOSURE shots before, but I was defiantly up for the challenge and for once I was allowed to move my camera and it didn't matter! As that was the effect I wanted to create, amazing patterns formed from lights.

When taking tonight’s photograph I took over forty as it is hard to tell how they were going to turn out.  Here are a number of others I particularly liked. If your from Wellington (or have ever visited) can you tell what areas of the harbour they are?


I had a slight drama on the way home however. The wind suddenly picked up as I was cycling along and I blew side ways of my bike. Luckily I was not hit by a car and a taxi driver saw me and offered to take me home. Thank you Mr Taxi driver :) I am all fine and dandy now and live to tell the tale. 

See you tomorrow for technology. 

Katie.x x.

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