Sunday, 22 April 2012

Day Twelve - 22nd April - Sunset

Day Twelve - Sunset. Taken at Lyall Bay, Wellington

A little bit late but I have not had the opportunity to go out this week and take a photograph of a sunset.  So I decided to save the challenge for today, my day off. woooo. It was also a great chance to capture today's photo of a silhouette. 

I checked the time the sun was going to set and headed of down to Evans Bay near my house around 5pm, a little early but I did not want to miss the sunset.  I spent a while around Evans Bay before heading over to Lyall bay were a friend of mine was surfing. The sunset as I was cycling over to Lyall bay was stunning and I began to panic thinking I was going to miss it completely. As I got to the Lyall Bay Beach I had about 5minutes of the sunset left and managed to capture this shot. After many failed attempts of me capturing the surfer falling into the sea.
I have never been to Lyall Bay before and for anyone in wellington it is a perfect place to go too watch the sunset and the surfers playing in the sea. 

It was great to get out and chase a sunset this evening I'm quite glad I saved it for tonight as it was a 
beautiful clear evening for such a task. I am still really enjoying the challenge so far, I should now be back on track with it)  The only downfall is it is truly making me see the limitations to my little compact and  is making me want to have a digital SLR even more than ever before. ( I had best get saving) 

Thanks for checking in on me and my challenge. :)

Katie x.x.
Here are a few more of the many photo's I took this evening, of the stunning Evans and Lyall Bay
in Wellington. 


 Evans Bay

 Lyall Bay

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