Monday, 24 October 2011

A day of meeting family and watching the All Blacks make New Zealand go crazy,

Yesterday was a fun day. I got chance to meet a half cousin who was so welcoming and kind. And then in the evening I watched the All Blacks take New Zealand to victory in the Rugby World Cup.

On Saturday I had a phone call from my mum's cousin Gretchen, who lives in Dunedin New Zealand.  Gretchen  has been very kind and helpful before coming away and since I have arrived here. When finding out I was in Wellington she mentioned I had a cousin, Gina, in Wellington (her Grandma and my Granddad where brother and sister).

Not too long later Gina was in touch arranging to meet me the next day for lunch and show me around the outer regions of Wellington. We arranged to meet at 1pm outside the train station with Gina looking for me in my spotty coat. I don't know about anyone else but I always love it in movies when some one can be spotted from a distance because of an item of clothing or an object. Well since being in New Zealand I have been able to say to people 'you don't know me but look for my spotty coat' and it works every time :) (sorry slightly off track there)

Gina then became my tour guide for the next four hours showing me places around the city and East coast. Treating me along the way to a very delicious lunch in a lovely little cafĂ©/ bistro. Which Wellington has so many off. The first place Gina took me to was full and had a queue out the door we where both fairly hungry so decided to try another place.  I will have to go there again sometime as now I am intrigued, any place that people are willing to queue must be amazing. We continued our tour along the coast and up to Wind turbine hill.
It was weird meeting a family member who you know some similar people but not each other. My Great Aunt Muriel used to talk about Gina and her family so I knew little snippets about her. It is nice to know that whilst I am in Wellington I have family and a place to go to if I need any help. Gina has also very kindly offered me a bed for a couple of nights at the end of this week before I move into my new house. Which is great as hostels are now beginning to annoy me and I'm ready for an uninterrupted nights sleep.

 Then last night was the Rugby, I don't know what it has been like back home with the early morning matches and if the hype has been big but here it was incredible. I was a little late in getting back from being out for the day so my original plan of going to the fan zone was out as this was full by 7.00pm as where many other pubs so with a number of others from the hostel we decided to watch it in the hostel bar which still had a great buzz about it and we actually had seats which we never would have stood a chance in the city bars. In secret I was rooting for the French I always seem to do that and go for the underdog :) After the game I really wanted to go and see what the city was like. And I was so glad ! It was the biggest street party I have seen, imagine England winning the football world cup. It was incredible to watch; the streets where buzzing. People singing, drumming doing the Huka. It's hard to describe hopefully the pictures and video give you a sense of what it was like.

The streets of Wellington on winning the World Cup 
People doing the Haka

I think I saw about 5 drummers set up around the city.
Singing the National Anthem to the drummer. 
Kris, Me, Clara, Jessica

It has been great to watch the rugby whilst here and I have really got into it as mentioned in previous posts. Hopefully I will continue to watch from now on.

I am about to head up the East Coast for a couple of days and see some seals and go hiking.

Thanks for reading.

Katie. .x.

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