Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Kapiti coast.

I have been exploring an area near Wellington for the last couple of days and have been to the Kapiti coast.

I found a leaflet last week for a place called Queen Elizabeth Park which looked really interesting and had a lovely walk along the coast. ( I have really got into hiking/ walking whilst I have been away). I thought it was the perfect opportunity before moving into my new place to go and explore.

I went to a town called Paraparaumu. The Maori names for towns are really hard to pronounce the guide book says it should be said 'Pah-ra-pah-ra-oo-moo' It is about a 50 minute train ride away so not bad for even a day trip. I arrived on the Tuesday and it was fairly quiet at the town as it is not really tourist season yet and the weather is only just turning nice. My hostel had about 6 people in it but they were very friendly. I went exploring the little coastal town finding a cute café on my way. Having a slightly cluts moment and knocking over my whole pot of tea oops. Then I began walking along the beach.

That summer we walked the beaches at the surfs sea edge neither land nor sea at the place where tangoroa touches tane and neither rules we held hands

Walking the beaches by Karen Peterson Butterworth

The blues and greys  of the sea, sky and shells have inspired a series of paintings.

Defiantly a place I will come back to when the weather is nicer, but it was still really stunning even with the grey sky.

The next day I caught the train to the next town Paekakarik which was at the start of Queen Elizabeth park. My plan being to walk the 15 km back to the hostel. This was all going well, stopping a number of times along the way to do some drawing and chat to a really nice couple from France. I got about half way and then the heavens opened :( at the time I was near some toilets so decided to shelter there until it past. After an hour of hiding in the toilets I figured it never would and had to go for it walking the rest of the way in the rain. I have honestly never been so wet in my life my skinny jeans were like a new layer of skin. I am very glad now that I have brought a sensible pair of walking shoes and rain mac with me. I think I must have looked like a very crazy tourist walking along the beach, hehe.

Just before the heavens opened.
You dont get a true sense of how soaked I got, but I had to try and show you.
Hope the bottom lip out helps captures my mood :) hehe.
When I got back to the hostel the landlady very kindly offered me the showers and a towel even though I had already checked out. And I am so thankful I have honestly never been so cold and wet; I was shaking. I shall be defiantly recommending her hostel to people and go to stay there again in the summer.

My first trip to the Kapiti coast was not quite what I had planned but I still had a fun. It's nice to know I have this beautiful place so close to my new home.

Till next time.


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  1. the lip out was an amazing photo
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