Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dress up Lunches

Contrast lunch
Dress up lunches! One of the many things on my list of what makes Huckins so amazing and special.

In normal life you might go to the odd fancy dress party now and again. At Huckins however Lunch time is no ordinary lunch time it's the perfect chance to dress up! Pink Lunch, Character from a book, Red Lunch, Zombie Lunch are just some of the chances we have had the last week and a half to dress up.

From the announcement at flag in the morning, to the 45 minutes after morning activities in which campers and staff have to get ready. Huckins girls will truly go all out to make sure they are not the only one not wearing pint that day. It amazes me every time the amazing costumes that are created from very little. 

Contrast Lunch

Programe Staff 2012- Contrast Lunch
Red Lunch
Canada Lunch

Red Lunch
 Zombie Lunch

So if your lunch time is a little dull and boring today why not make it Nellie and dress up.


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