Friday, 10 February 2012

Moving again.

Yup that's right I'm on the move. Not very far away, two streets to be precise. The lease was up on my house and no one wanted to take it over. As I am never really sure of my plans I did not want to be in charge of taking over a lease and finding four new house mates. With a week till I was going to be homeless I decided to start my search, if you know me you will know this is typically me always leaving everything to the last minute. Haha. I decided to stay in Hataitai for three reasons. One because I am lazy and could not be bothered to trail around the city looking at houses so wanted them all in the same area. Two, I like my little neighbourhood I live in, it has cute cafe's, is not far from the sea and I have my favourite runs. Three, its fairly cheap in Hataitai as people don't want to travel through the tunnel.

After an afternoon of looking at six houses I found two that I really liked. It was very weird in my hunt for a room this time. I felt like I was being interviewed for the room. Last time everyone of the houses I looked at seemed happy for anyone to move in. One house in particular which I really liked where very funny about letting me know if I had the room, saying I had to wait a day until everyone had viewed the room, even though I was keen to move in. Which is fair enough, however during this time three of the other houses text me to ask me if I wanted to move in to their houses as they thought I seemed nice and not a crazy psycho (it's always nice to know I don't come across as weird, haha) I decided I would be stupid not to take one of these houses as what if the other house did not choose me. So I chose a house that was reasonably priced and seemed to have nice people, from what you can tell in a brief five minute visit. It turned out that the other house did get in touch to say I had the room if I wanted it and I was their first choice. Oh well their loss.

So I moved into my house two days ago and it is lovely. I am very happy there so far. And the most exciting part of the new move is I now have a bed wooooooooo!!!! 

My move was quite funny. I don’t have a car over here and my only day off this week was Wednesday when everyone I know is at work. So I decided to move house by walking to my new house with my stuff. It took me eight trips in total. With my new house mates being true gents and helping me with my bed on the last trip. The last time I moved house I only had two bags, some how over the last four months I have managed to accumulate a lot of stuff. This is a little bit worrying as I need to head home at some point. Eeek excess baggage charge here I come.

I have managed to make my new room nice and homey again. Feeling very much at home after only two days if not more so than at William St, my last house.


Living room

Entering my room.

I love my notice board :)

 Fingers crossed no more moves for awhile.

Thanks for reading,
Katie, x.x.

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