Thursday, 6 September 2012

Howdie y'all - Austin, Texas

Hey everyone I am currently sat writing this in San Antonio Texas. The travelling has commenced again, it feels great to have my backpack packed and be moving around. I am currently travelling with Hannah and Emma. N two other British people I met whilst at Camp Huckins. I left camp on Monday with Jenny (a friend from my last summer at Huckins in 2005) driving me to her house in Boston and very kindly letting me stay for two nights. I had an amazing time catching up with her seven years is a lot to catch up on I don't think we stopped talking for the two days I was there. Jenny was an amazing hostess who's daughter and husband were an added bonus. On my second day with Jenny we went to Salem and found out about the craziness that was the Salem witch hunt in the 1800's.

On Wednesday I headed on down to Texas with a uneventful flight, which turned out to be far better than the one my friends had. We flew in to Austin and stayed with two friends Pookie and Andrew from Huckins in 2005, it started to feel like a 2005 reunion at different points this week.

Ignore the fact that Emma is wearing a jumper it was hot!!
I had been warned before heading to Texas that it was going to be hot but as soon as I got of the flight in Austin I was shocked by how crazy hot it was in the 100's even in September. After finding our way to the centre of Austin to wait for Pookie and Andrew we found a bar with air conditioning and collapsed :) British people really do not do well with heat.

Andrew and Pookie were the perfect hosts and took us out for typical Tex Mex food in the form of the tastiest Tacos that I have ever tasted. 

They then took us to a traditional 'dive bar' Ginny's Little Long Horn Saloon. Unfortunately the music they had on that night was not country but the music was still great in the form of blues. When we were at the bar Pookie was telling us about Chicken Shit Bingo that they play there on a Sunday night. A chicken is put into a cage that has numbered grids on the base, wherever the chicken takes a poo that number wins! Ha only in America!! After Emma's and Hannah's eventful journey it was time for us to leave and get some sleep ready for our next day of being tourists.
Andrew and Pookie at Giny's Little Long Horn Saloon
Hannah and I
The music came to us.
Around the back of the bar, two rusty old trucks.

Trying on boots

The next day we headed to Austin and hit some really cute bohemian boutique shops in an area called SoCo Shopping district. I was very proud of myself and only bought three scarves, to start hiding my roots :) I was quite content just looking through everything and taking photographs of one amazing shop that was crammed from floor to ceiling of amazing trinkets and junk. For lunch we ended up in Guereo's Taco bar, not quite as good as the night before but still very yummy. A little more wandering around and then we headed back to say goodbye to Pookie and Andrews and head to the Greyhound bus station to head to our next destination, San Antonio. Austin was a lovely city I feel like we barely scratched the surface of what it has too offer. It certainly seemed to have a lot to offer tourists. Who knows one day I might hit Texas again and I will definatly pop into Austin for another visit.
How do I look, does it suit me? 
Thank you Pookie and Andrew for a great stay in Austin. Good luck with your wedding. 

Keep Posted everyone for what we happens whilst we are in San Antonio.

Katie .x.x

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